Monday, August 23, 2010

We really need your prayers.

So, I've been pretty absent lately.
In July, we found out we were expecting.
I was waiting until the 2nd trimester to let the whole world know.
I hadn't been feeling well and every home project I wanted to do revolved around the baby.
So I hadn't been posting.

Today we found out we lost the baby.
They just hadn't grown since our last appointment.

Mr. Free and I were really excited to welcome a new little one into our family.
But apparently it wasn't God's time yet.
We know our little baby is in Heaven with their Grandpa right now.

I've always vowed to be real on here
I feel like I should share this incredibly painful time with others, rather than bottling it up.
I pray through all of this, God is glorified and Mr. Free and I can help others.

I know we are not even close to the only people who have experienced this kind of a loss.
It's still just really hard.

We pray that God will grant us healthy children in His time.
In the meantime, we pray for healing and contentment.

We greatly appreciate your prayers, words of encouragement and wisdom as we deal with this.


  1. my heart breaks for you! As much as I hate to admit it, I know how it feels and a little piece of you will always hold on to that baby. You and Brian are in my prayers and I am praying for your heart to heal and for a healthy gorgeous baby to bless your lives. You both will be excellent parents! Love you both!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry for your loss, may God's peace be with you. You are in my prayers.

  3. I am so sorry Jenny and Brian. I can't even imagine the pain that comes with a loss like that. I'll be praying for you and that you feel God's comfort like never before.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about that :( I had a good friend go through the same thing last week too. I went through it 2 years ago - it sucks no matter when it happens. Will definitely keep you guys in my thoughts & prayers. Hopefully things work out for you guys soon.

  5. I am so sorry for you loss, it is terrible that you have to go through this. I am sure everything will work out eventually. It is a good thing you have lots of family and friends to lean on in the time meaning.

  6. my heart goes out to you and Mr.Free. I will keep you both in my prayers.

  7. oh im so sorry to hear that. I know the baby is in a good place and be strong. my sister in law went through that this year and it was one of the saddest thing I witness so I know how you are feeling. Take care of yourself


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