Thursday, August 12, 2010

I seriously LOVE this time of year!

As I'm getting my classroom ready for a new school year, and organizing all my classroom decorations I was reminded just how much I absolutely love this time of year!
The whole first semester in fact!
Yes, right now it is hot. VERY hot. But I love the anticipation of a fresh school year.
All the hope, optimism and fresh starts.

Then I looked at my September stuff.
Which instantly makes me think of
Which makes me think of apple picking, apple cider, apple donuts and the start of a crisp air.

Then I got out my October decorations (My FAVORITE month!)
And I thought of

Which makes me think of hayrides, pumpkin patches, fall scented candles, bonfires, pumpkin carving, hoodies, cool air, and Halloween!!!

Then, I got out my November stuff, which makes me think of

oh yeah...Thanksgiving!!! (I always dream about the dessert....not so much the turkey...blech)
Then I got out my December stuff....which makes me smile and think of

Ahh...Christmas time. The most magical time of the year. Lots of warm cozy sweaters, quality time with family and friends, baking , the scent of peppermint, christmas lights, and maybe a present or two!

And then, I looked at my January stuff and realized how much I dislike 2nd semester..... : )
Here's to a wonderful school year and a great fall!!!


  1. I cant wait for Fall..i love the weather but also fall fashion!!!

  2. Agreed... fall is fab. But the older I get, the more of a "summer girl" I'm turning into... bring on the heat! All you need is a lake {or the ocean}... =D


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