Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weeks 31 & 32

31 weeks 4 days
Christmas Eve

How far along? 32 weeks 1 day

Maternity clothes? Umm....yeah

Sleep? During Week 31 I was getting glorious sleep! Still tossing and turning, but felt SO rested. Now that I've hit Week 32, I've gone back to having a hard time being comfortable. Right when I find a position that my hips feel good, my back hurts. Then right when I find the "sweet spot", Baby starts kicking at the mattress.

Best moment of the week?
1. Christmas!!!
We had a great Christmas with all our families, filled with some quality time, great food and presents of course! It's so fun seeing our twin nieces discover the magic of Christmas. I can't wait for our own little one!

2. My birthday!
I turned 27 today and had a fantastic day. Mr. Free woke me up with some french toast. We then headed to Target to do a little shopping. Then headed to a new restaurant I had wanted to try on the Plaza. I then waddled around the Plaza with him for a few hours and wound up buying the baby a couple of cute things. We finished the evening at a local Italian restaurant that gives you a free meal on your birthday! It's been wonderful! I feel so blessed with where I am at on this birthday and am excited for the next year!
32 weeks, 1 day
My 27th Birthday
Food cravings? Orange juice! And Sonic Sunrise's. Sooo yummy.

Gender? Still don't know...

Belly button in or out? Still in! Barely!

Movement? Like crazy! The nurses always comment during the Non Stress Tests how active of a baby we have! It's hard to think that they still need to grow...I feel like there just isn't room!

What I miss? Still nothing. But I will say, I keep thinking about how I wont be pregnant forever. I'm just so used to it by now, that it blows my mind that eventually I won't be pregnant anymore. That Ill be able to sleep on my tummy and eat deli meat without second thought. So strange.

What I'm looking forward to? It's hitting me that in around 6 weeks we could be meeting our child! I am seriously SO excited for that!!

Milestones? We keep passing our NST's and Biophysical Profiles with flying colors! Baby is quite active and so entertaining to watch during the ultrasounds! This baby LOVES their feet. The last couple ultrasounds, Baby has one foot up by their face and grabbing the other foot with their hand playing with it. It is adorable!

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