Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Nursery

The nursery is 90% done!

With our first shower last weekend, I knew I wanted it mostly put together so that any gifts we received could be organized and put away.

Mr. Free and I decided early on that we wanted the nursery to be neutral, cheery and modern. We wanted to be able to use it with multiple kiddos, regardless of their gender.

We also aren't "theme" people, so we decided to stick with a color palatte and mix and match fabrics and textures.

Here was the idea board I had come up with a few months ago

First, we chose a paint color. I can't even tell you the *exact* color, because it wound up being a custom color.

Mr. Free and I were in a huge hurry when we picked it out and ended up telling them the wrong color.

Luckily, Lowe's is awesome and did what they could to fix it.

This paint does photograph different in different lights. It's an aqua color, but in bright light it looks brighter and with soft light it looks more seafoam.

The nursery walls were covered in 2 coats of wallpaper and paint. I spent several evenings steaming and peeling off the wallpaper. Fun times.

Over Thanksgiving I came down with the stomach flu, which put me way behind on the nursery progess. Mr. Free was awesome and busted his hiney to paint the nursery and keep on his schedule with the basement. Love that man.
We had bought the Zig Zag rug a few months prior, and my mom and I redid the glider a month or two ago as well.

Once the paint dried I was antsy to get the crib set up, so Mr. Free pulled a late nighter and set it all up for me. I was so thrilled to see furnitue in the room!

A few nights later I pulled together the rest of the accessories we had for the nursery.

I put the crib bedding on, pulled in the nighstand for next to the glider, and stocked the bookcase.

The crib will have a changing tray that sits on top for changing the baby. This room is TINY so there just wasn't the space for a changing table. Come January, and the basement is finished and the holidays are over...this will be Grandpa and Daddy's new project. But it will look something like this, with the changing pad tucked inside it.

By the way, I love love the crib.

It's the ParkLane Baby Mod crib from Walmart.

It was a little more than I wanted to spend ($300), but it was the only big purchase we needed for the room. The rest of the furnishings were either repurposed from around the house or free.

Plus, it had the clean lines I wanted and the extra storage drawer on the bottom.

The construction of it is great too and it got fantastic reviews.

After the shower I got busy organizing the bookcase. Baby Free will be cloth diapered, so I have all the supplies handy on the shelf, which is right by the crib for changes. Baby Free also has a good start on their book collection, their own Scentsy and an impressive stash of stuffed animals.

The glider is perfect for the space. I snagged that little blanket on clearance at Target a few months ago and loved the geometric print. Mr. Free's aunt got us the Basset Hound stuffed animal years ago, which will be *perfect* for our little they will instantly have a Basset Hound brother and sister upon arrival. : )

I like that the glider has the pockets on the side too...I've already loaded it with breastfeeding accessories which will handy.

I love the way the dresser turned out. I knew I wanted a yellow dresser and luckily a friend on Facebook had one to give away! It took about 4-5 coats of this lemon yellow paint, but I love the way it turned out! And it fits perfectly in the closet! Baby has the start of their wardrobe, which I know will double in size when Baby is here and we know whether to fill it with pink or blue!

So that's what we have so far!

We still need to hang things on the walls (a couple of DIY projects I've saved for January). And need a few more storage baskets for the closet shelves up high to hold blankets and such.

Then we are done!

I feel so much better that if Baby Free were to come early, we are nearly set!

Maybe this is that whole "nesting" thing I've heard about?!

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  1. The room looks great! Lucky kid to have such caring and stylish parents.


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