Monday, December 12, 2011


We are thisclose to being done with the basement!
Mr. Free has worked his booty off for the past 3 months! And he has done a FABULOUS job!

Tomorrow our carpet is being installed and then we can move in furniture and start decorating!

I will do another post with the step-by-step of the transformation, but here is the Mood Board for the final product.

This space is approx. 511 square feet with the primary purpose of a family room.

Here's the break down:

1. Swiftlock Curly Walnut Laminate flooring- Our basement is a walkout so we wanted a landing that went between that door and the door to the laundry room. The dogs and cat have their food and bed in the laundry room so frequently walk the path of the back door and to the laundry room. When it's muddy we thought this would be much easier to clean than carpeting.

2. Berber carpet from Lowe's- This is one of their in-stock options. We chose this because it will hide lots of dirt and be easier to keep clean with 2 dogs, a cat and a baby.

3. Tufted ottoman- Walmart. This is on order, should be in in a couple weeks. I definitely like the look, the reviews and the price. Think it's a stylish option with a little one on the way.

4. Sectional- Nebraska Furniture Mart. We loved the look of this sectional and it was a bargain for the price. It appears it will hold up well with being used often.

5. Bookcase- Target. Simple, nothing elaborate. Will hold some board games, DVDs and a basket of toys for the tot.

6. Family Rules sign- I saw this on clearance at Hobby Lobby and am really considering getting it. Think it'd be cute and a good reminder for us all...

7. Cream throw- Target. Pretty sure Santa is bringing this for me. It's super soft and will be so nice to snuggle with!

8. Cream furry throw pillow- Pier One. I've hinted at this to Santa as well. It is sooo soft.

9. Espresso baskets- Will use this to contain magazines, dog toys and baby toys.

10. Arc lamp- I bought this YEARS ago at Target and it's still been in the box! Think I will finally bust it out for this space!

11. Chocolate curtains- Target. We have a large window next to the walk out door and loved the quality and print of these curtains.

12. TV and TV stand- TV Walmart, TV stand Target. For Mr. Free's super hard work, he got the TV of his choice. The TV stand matches the bookcase. Not the best quality, but we will have to save up a bit for a solid wood TV stand that will hold Mr. Free's new TV.

We are SO excited for this new space! It will so wonderful to be able to have more people over at our house and a wonderful new room for baby to play in!

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