Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

This morning I've just sat and looked through my blog posts from the last year. What a roller coaster ride!
But I see God's hand in every step.

2011 started with just experiencing my 2nd miscarriage. I was devastated and in a dark place. I had hope though that 2011 would be "our year".

3 months later, we were pregnant again...only to lose that one too.

As hard as all of that was, I felt God gently leading me by the hand for the next part of our journey. Our reproductive endocrinologist fell into our lap. We were able to see him immediately and begin testing.
We quickly began hormone therapy in hopes that would help me carry a baby to term.
And with that first try? It worked.
I was terrified for the testing. Afraid of the pain and afraid of the results. I was afraid to 'try' again only to lose another child.
But I felt this peace that this is where God wants me.
And on June 12, 2011 we learned we were expecting our miracle.

As hard and painful and heartbreaking as that experience was, I have seen God use it several times to help others in just the past year! He has brought several women in my life that are experiencing something similar and I am able to listen, give advice and just understand! And praise the Lord, I have a beautiful miracle to share with them as well.

Mr. Free and I have been so blessed by our little baby that will be here in 6 (or less!) short weeks!
Overall, this pregnancy has been so easy. Our baby is healthy and beautiful.
I never knew if we would be able to be parents, but I'm seeing what God's plan was for us this whole time.

2011 has brought many other blessings as well:
- Mr. Free got a full-time teaching job in the district that he wanted. We both are now full-time teachers! HUGE BLESSING!!!
- God has provided to pay all our medical bills as we underwent fertility testing. I didn't know how we'd afford it, but God made it work!
- With the unexpected medical bills, we were still able to finish our basement. We had to delay the project, but we were able to pay for it every step of the way and now have a great space to fellowship with others.
- With both of us being out of school for the time being (collegiate school that is...) we've been able to spend great quality time together, with our families and with our dear friends.

God has been so good and I am so looking forward to what He has in store for 2012!!!

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