Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It is finished!

Yesterday the carpet fairies came and finished the last step in our basement project!

Mr. Free and I were so excited ALL DAY and couldn't WAIT to get home and see how it looked!

Here was Mr. Free's first reaction...

Needless to say, we've both missed having carpet.

Hardwood is beautiful and easy to wipe up messes, but nothing is as comfy as some plush carpet underfoot.

We wasted no time once we got home and saw the finished product, and started moving in furniture.

Mr. Free's parents delivered our brand new sectional.

It had rained all day, but let up just in time to bring it over.

Mr. Free immediatly put together the new TV stand so he could get his prize up and running.

The TV stand is actually pretty great quality considering it was $85 at Target!

And fits the TV size perfectly!

I put together the bookcase (which matches the TV stand) and we brought out a hand-me-down recliner to put in the corner.

The bookshelves will be full of DVDs, board games and toys for baby.

We also brought down Baby Free's bouncy seat. Figure this side of the room will become Baby Central.

Santa also delivered our new curtains a little early.

I love the way they look!

(Ignore the laminate that needs cleaning after the carpet installers...I was too excited to snap some pics first!)

This is the TV sitting area.

The couch on the left is a full-size couch that Mr. Free's parents had given us a few years ago (it's a sleeper too!)

So with that and the sectional we will be able to comfortably seat 8-9 for movie nights!

Mr. Free ordered his new 7.1 surround sound and let me order the ottomoan for the seating area.

I think it'll look great and will offer a cushy place to put up our feet and if baby is tottering around they won't hurt themselves if they fall against it.

I have lots of decorating to do now, but am TOTALLY up for the "challenge"!

And for those wondering, to finish our approx. 511 square feet of living space came in at $4,007 for all materials. This includes every tool, screw, and piece of wood we had to buy. We saved THOUSANDS in labor and are thrilled with the results!

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