Monday, September 17, 2012

Etsy Shop Organization: The Business Side

 I've previously shown you the physical make up of my little Etsy "shop". 
It's just small corner of our family room.
To check out how I organized all the "things" that come along with a shop, look here!

Now, onto the "business" side of things.
I use this term loosely, as it is more of a hobby for me.
But, have to keep it organized!

So, I started with an adorable green chevron binder on clearance at Target for $1.20
 Cute huh?

Then filled it with practical items I use with each transaction.

Let's peek inside.
 On the left are stamps, business cards and a pen.

Next comes the paperwork. If have forms to fill out to keep things running smoothly.
It includes a place to list current orders
 A place to keep track of current inventory and items I am needing
 And a form to track my see if I'm really making a profit!
 You can download these forms for you! For free!

Next, in page protectors I have thank you cards w/envelopes.
I include a little handwritten thank you with each purchase. : )
 Next are some plain white mailers for small orders.
 Then my stash of bags for local orders
 Lastly a pad of legal paper to jot notes and ideas
I'm a newbie at this whole Etsy thing, but so far, so good!
Keeping organized really helps me manage my little store, with work, home, husband and baby!
Any other Etsy shop owners that have any tips on how they keep organized?


  1. Hi Jenny ! Thank you for sharing your organisation :) I'm in the process of opening my own shop so I'm reading and taking as much advice as I can. You seem well organised and you give me ideas. Thank you for that :)

    1. Congrats Amelie on opening your own shop! It is a lot of fun, but definitely requires commitment and organization. Best of luck!


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