Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Babywearing 101

I am now a firm believer in baby wearing. For me and my baby.
In no way is this the right way to parent. 
It's working for us at this time.

Babywearing tends to be linked to Attachment Parenting.
We are not an "attachment parenting" household.
In fact, I hate even labeling parenting styles.
Every family, child, parent is so different.

When Levi was a wee little baby he loved to be held.
Luckily we were given a Moby wrap and it was wonderful.

But the Moby is not convenient when out and about.
It's like 30 feet of fabric, so struggling to wrap that in a parking lot with a baby is challenging.

We then transitioned to a Baby Bjorn (was a hand me down we were given) and the first time I wore it, I thought it was great!
Then...the next morning I woke up with a severe back ache.
I have mild scoliosis, so these two things didn't jive.
As I learned, the Baby Bjorn puts a lot of the weight of the baby between your shoulder blades.
No bueno.

We used it off and on, but I mostly let Mr. Free use it.
I didn't want another killer backache.

Fast forward to now.
Levi is teething and what helps him the most is to cuddle him.
It is sweet, but definitely inconvenient if I'd like to keep a clean house or go to the grocery store.
I knew I needed a new carrier.

I researched and researched and found some good options.
Many recommend the Boba, Beco and Ergo.

Most people recommended the Ergo.
Plus, it was the only one of the three they had at Buy Buy Baby.
And I had a coupon.
And things to return.

The Ergo won.

Here I am, sporting my new Ergo in the parking lot.
 Oh my gosh, I love it.
He feel so light.
My back doesn't even hurt!
I love how it displaces his weight across my waist, shoulders and back.

Well, I saw in the store and online that they had some accessories. The one I was really interested in was the teething pads. Since we are in the midst of that season right now with Mr. Levi.
However, they were $20 and the Ergo itself was already pricey.
I searched Etsy and found several cute options that were cheaper than $20.
However, before pulling the trigger, Mr. Free said I should just make them.
I hadn't tried making something like that before, but I did it!
And I love it turned out!

I made aqua chevron teething sleeves.
They have a yellow flannel reverse and are lined with quilt batting to absorb the drool.
I also added some ribbon loops to the bottom to hang toys.
I then realized that at the bottom of the Ergo was a piece of fabric that wasn't attached on all 4 sides.
I decided to make an aqua chevron pouch that velcro-ed around the loop to add more storage.

One other thing I love about the Ergo is that it has a zip pocket that is pretty large for an extra diaper, your cell phone, keys, etc.

No more trying to wear your baby while juggling a diaper bag! Yay!

So here is my customized Ergo.

I absolutely love it and so does Levi. When I put him in it, his fussiness stops and he falls right asleep.
I know teething has made him miserable, so anything I can do to help comfort him, I will!

- Confidence and security for baby/toddler
- Necessary human contact for child
- Hands free snuggles for parents
- Bonus exercise for mom (carrying around 10+ pounds for hours at a time!)
- Helps continue special bond from pregnancy

Babywearing is not just for Mama either. Dads and caregivers can also partake in this closeness and convenience!

But again, this is what works for us, at this time.

Anybody else a BabyWearer?
Any recommendations on carriers/wraps etc.?
Any other tips?

P.S. If anyone is interested in their own custom Ergo accessories (Teething sleeves, waist pouch, etc.) shoot me an email and we can arrange it!


  1. I have a Beco Butterfly 2, and I LOVE it. You can front and back carry with it. I still wear my 31 pound 20 month old on a daily basis. I am definitely not an "attachment style" parent by any means, but my little guy loves to be held. I love to hold him, but sometimes I need my hands. He actually helps me put him in the carrier now.

  2. I've heard great things about the Beco! If I would have had a coupon for it, it would have definitely been a contender! I'm glad you're enjoying wearing your lil man!


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