Sunday, September 16, 2012

Home Organization: Hall Closet

 Week Two's goal was to organize the hall closet.
This hall closet is always changing based on our current needs.
Since our house is small, we don't have a lot of storage so have to be smart with what we have.
She may not be the prettiest, but I gave everything a place and reused baskets and totes I already owned.
Mission cost: $0
 Our hall closet contains our necessities:
Work bags
Vacuum/ Steam mop
Winter gear
Reusable totes

This is also where our mismatchy hangers go before they die. So no, this isn't the prettiest closet space you'll see.
But its functional.

Here is how the top of the closet is organized
 These are items we use on a nearly daily basis.
By corralling them into baskets, it gives a much neater appearance as well.
And yes, Mr. Free has a ton of hats.
Almost as many hats as shoes.

As "temporary" closet doors, we've hung bed sheets from drapery clips to cover our closets.
I use the word "temporary" loosely because they've been that way 5 years and counting..

This works for us, as it can cover the closet and not take up any precious hallway room for a door to swing out to access our stuff.

Mission accomplished.

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