Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7 Month Mamahood Reflection

*warning: cuteness overload* 
 Age: 7.5 months

 Feeding self
Sitting up completely unassisted (with great posture I might add)
Crawling. Legit crawling.
Pulling up to standing
Saying Dada, the occasional Mama
 This kid is all over the place.
He may look a smidge like me, but his personality is ALL daddy.
Levi is SO stinkin happy. Happy happy happy.
And he is wild.
He is active.
He is his dad.

 He likes to move it move it. 
(Anyone else sing it like in Madagascar?)

Now that it is FALL...we went to the pumpkin patch!
Our amazing babysitter got us free tickets to the local patch so we all went together.
It was SO much fun!
I've looked forward to fall with a kiddo for quite awhile.
Fall is my favorite, and we were blessed with a cool crisp Fall morning when we went.

We took a hayride to the patch and picked out a little tiny Levi pumpkin.
 We munched on cider donuts, took lots of pictures, pet animals and watched a pig race!

Again, this kid is fed every which way.
We are still nursing, but mainly morning and bedtime.
After returning to work my supply really diminished.
But, considering all my issues...I'm thankful to have made it this far!
We started Levi on purees for solids, but have transitioned to Baby Led Weaning.
I am LOVING it!
It is SO much easier than making purees and sitting down and spoon feeding him.
(We still do this on occasion)
He is eating just what we are, so he can eat meals when we do.
He is eating a variety of foods.
And he is getting SO good at feeding himself!
His grabbing, pinching and chewing skills are really taking off!

 I did a post recently on the basics of babywearing and how I'm loving it.
No need to re-type that whole post...feel free to check it out HERE
 I wore him at the Pumpkin Patch, which was perfect.
It was chilly so we both kept snuggly.
I've been wearing him around the house and at the store.
Definitely loving it.

We are in the midst of teething.
No teeth yet.
Just rock hard gums.

Mama's thoughts

I always thought Mom's who cried at everything were so strange.
Now I understand.
I can't believe my baby is nearly 8 months!
He is getting SO big!!!
Every time he hits a new milestone, I am SO proud of him, but a piece of me is sad that he is growing up.
I just want to snuggle my little baby boy forever.
I know each stage of his life gets better and better, but I definitely can relate to those sentimental moms.
I'm in that club.

I'm incredibly thankful to be a "mostly home" mom and only work part-time. I want to savor each and every moment with this sweet little boy.
He is such an incredible blessing.
 These past 7.5 months have been so incredibly joyful.
Thank you Lord for assigning this little man to me!

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