Monday, October 1, 2012

Mama got her chevron rug

 Isn't my little model adorable?!
 Since Little Mister began crawling, we knew we needed a bigger, softer rug for our living room.
The old rug was too small (4 x 6) and scratchy (an indoor/outdoor).
This suited us just fine when it was just us and the pets.
But with little baby knees on it, we needed a change.
 Luckily, RugsUSA had exactly what I had been looking for. AND it was on sale!
This 5 x 8 chevron rug is originally $109, which isn't bad but hoping for a better deal. Then it went to 50% off, so it was $58! And free shipping!
It came within 5 days and I'm in love!

I had searched everywhere.
Target, WalMart, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx,
If I liked it, it was like $300.
No way, Jose'.

Then I remembered many bloggers remarking about RugsUSA, so I checked it out.


Modern rugs for a bargain price.

I will say, it is quite thin. But it's soft.
And for the price? No complaints here.

They had a few color options. I debated between this blue and cream or the brown and cream.
However, with all the colorful art work in our living room and hallway, I decided the floor needed a punch of color too.

And I'm in love.

 We are in the process of giving our living room a "mini makeover".
Since we use our family room most of the time, we want to simplify our living room a bit.
More on that later...
 Here are the zig zags up close.
So, if you're in the market for a new rug...I highly suggest checking out RugsUSA.
Anyone else scored any major deals lately?

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