Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby's First Pumpkin

Levi had to make a pumpkin this year.
It is his first Halloween after all!
But....I hear it's frowned upon to hand an 8 month old sharp knives and let them hack at a pumpkin.
So....I went another route.

You need:
A baby (the cuter, the better)
A faux pumpkin
Black (WASHABLE!!!) paint
Wet wipes

We stripped Levi down to his diaper.
And, smartly, chose a black diaper....just in case the black paint traveled a bit..

Daddy coated each hand (one at a time!) and put his hand prints in the "eye spots" on the pumpkin.

He then took one of his feet, coated it and firmed placed it in the "mouth spot".

A cute little pumpkin face made from your baby's hand and foot prints!

I then wrote on the back
 Just so I don't forget...

I'm so excited to have this every year.
His cute little hands and feet.
Can they stay this little forever?
Wait...that could look super creepy on a grown man I guess....

Levi and his pumpkin.
He's pretty proud : )

Anyone else have any great Halloween activities for little ones?

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