Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Halloween

 Oh my gosh.
Isn't the cutest lion ever?!
Those blue eyes, happy smile and double chin!

I think I had the best Halloween ever.
Being a mom is the best.

After work, we got Levi all costumed up and sat on the porch for some "My First Halloween" photos.
He looks like such a big boy sitting by himself with the pumpkins!

Then we went to our very first house to trick or treat (Nana and Grandpa's)
Then off to our church's Fall Fest
FYI...Mr. Free NEVER takes a serious pic.

 We didn't get many pics because we were having too much fun.
But here's what we did:
Feasted on hot dogs and chili (Levi loved his hot dog!)
Levi got his face painted
Levi won a cake at the cake walk
Rode on a hayride
Made smores in the bonfire (Levi had his first taste of marshmallow!)
Trunk or Treated! (Levi got LOTS of candy! : ) : )

 He had so much fun!
My heart was just so full!
I have looked forward to my first Halloween as a Mama for awhile and it was so fun.
It's like getting to be a kid again, only better!

Levi is now sleeping soundly after such a fun evening!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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