Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Day in the Life

 I am very much enjoying this season of life.
And I think, 2 months into our new schedule, I am starting to feel like I'm in the groove. 
As much as a frazzled, first time mom balancing work and home can.
: )

But here's a little peek into our daily life.
First, here is our very loose "daily schedule".
 Some days, Levi doesn't sleep well (which means Mama didn't sleep well) and we sleep til we wake up. 
Schedule out the window.
But more days than not, our day somewhat resembles this schedule.

I usually wake up sometime around 7ish. Mr. Free has just given me a smooch and he's off to work.
I then get around and get ready.
Pretty soon, Little Man is up.
We enjoy breakfast together.
I have the cutest breakfast date ever.
(I often have my daily devotional before Levi is up, or if he's up early, at the breakfast table)
After breakfast, it's chore time.
I corral the boy somehow so he can play while I clean whatever area is on the chore chart that day.
I sometimes will wear him while I clean, if he's having a more "clingy" day.
 Then it's play time!

We usually play down in the family room or play room.
This boy sure loves to play!
We end "play time" with a book or two.
Then, we gather our things and it's off to the sitters!
I head out around 11 to take Levi to the sitter and I head to work.
My 3.75 hours (who's counting, right?!) goes QUICK! 
I rush in, impart my wisdom and passion of music to children and I'm off again!

Mr. Free then picks up Levi from the sitter and I head home.
I get home around 4, and I may have a few minutes to breathe if dinner is in the Crock Pot.
If not....time to make dinner!

We eat dinner around 5:30 or so. At the table as a family.
Mr. Free is a Rockstar and usually cleans up dinner for us and then we all hang and play as a family.
We retire to the family room and Levi crawls every which way, Mr. Free plays with his boy or gets caught up on his lesson plans or homework.
I get caught up on the computer (Facebook, blog, Etsy...etc.)
At 7:30 it is bedtime for Little Man!
We get our jammies on and read a book, nurse and lights out!
This is the time now that I can sew. 
I try, try, try to keep my little side business/hobby out of the way of my mommy and home responsibilities. The day time is quality time with my family and helping our home.
So, back down to the family room.
I sew til my little hearts content and Mr. Free hangs and relaxes.
We usually retire around 10.
So that's it!
I'm still learning to balance everything, but I am enjoying the journey as I "get there".

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  1. sounds like a day of so many good blessings! you're doing a great job balancing all things, the Lord's provision is always so perfect and works even in ways we never could've predicted!


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