Monday, October 15, 2012


I am really loving sewing.

I am loving making things for my home and my family.
Items that cannot be reproduced.
Because they are made by me.
They are unique and made with love.

I am loving sharing my items with people I know and also complete strangers!
It's so great that this little sewing machine Mr. Free got me many years ago without even a mention of wanting one has become such a fun pastime and small little business for me.

You see....I've messed with it a bit over the years, but over all, it collected dust.
In fact, Mr. Free used it more than I did!

But, this past summer as I was home with my little baby boy I was reading a book.
"Beautiful In God's Eyes" by Elizabeth George.
I've read it many times.
It is all about the Proverbs 31 woman and breaks each verse down to make it practical for today.
It always challenges me each time I read it.
This time, the chapter about building a Cottage Industry caught my attention.
She mentions "taking something personal and making it professional."

Elizabeth emphasizes that the life of women is to revolve around the home and family.
She also recognizes that Proverbs 31 clearly shows that women is a businesswoman as well.
However, her business is still actively part of her family life.

I thought there wasn't anything I could do, outside of music and teaching, that could bless my family financially.

But, it was if the Lord hit me over the head.


I wasn't very good, and still have a lot to learn.
But God has put a little passion in my heart to create warm and soft things for my home and my family. And with the abundance, sell them to bless and help my little family.

So I did.

And {Free Style Textiles} was born.

I am proud of my hard work and thankful for the great support I've had.
I love picking fabrics, creating new items and sharing them with my family and others!

Here's a sampling of my projects

Thank you to anyone who has bought from my little shop.
I am having a blast and it is so great to help my family financially through my hobby.

At the bottom of my business cards?
Proverbs 31:24

So, do you have a "Cottage Industry"?
Something "personal that became professional?"

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