Friday, July 6, 2012

A tour of the shop

Here's a little peak into {Free Style Textiles}
My little corner to create and help contribute to my family financially
We bought this sewing table at the thrift store for $20 a few years ago.
It's due for a new paint job, but it'll do for now.
To the left of the sewing table (the striped box) contains current projects and finished items

Let's look inside.
To the left contains needles and such, with my fabrics and quilt batting

In the middle is fluff for pillows, a cutting pad, thank you cards and bags for local deliveries

To the right contains my threads and bobbins and glues
The sewing machine lifts up to the top, then lowers into the table when done.
The table top consists of a picture of me and my baby boy, the tall container contains my ribbons for wrapping. The memo board has my business cards and thank you cards for each customer. The tin holds pens, hole punch and scissors. The boxes contain miscellaneous items for the family room.
Next to the sewing station is my computer station. Here is where I blog and update the Etsy store. It's the perfect spot to work and be able to watch the babe play.
So that's it! That's where I create!
I finally have it set up *just so* that works perfect for me and my family.
It's so nice to work in an organized space!
If you want to check what's new in the shop, click here!

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