Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to the envelope...

With school starting back up
(loud groan)
And me returning to work
(louder groan)
We are getting back into the swing of budgeting.

Since I am only returning part-time, our budget is decreased by 1/4, and adding in the additional costs of child care and insurance.

So yeah...budgeting may be good...

Most of our expenses are automatically done online. Which is easy and free.
But a few of our expenses vary each month, and we have somewhat control over.
Such as: Groceries (household products included), Pets, Car Maintenance, Gifts and Fun Money.

For this...the Envelope system is back.
We did the envelope system a while back, {read about it here} but once we both worked full time and times weren't *as tight* I loosened up... probably shouldn't have.
But since our budget is tight again and savings is now top priority, the envelope system is here to stay.

Each month, on pay day, I immediately pay all the bills online and swing by the bank to get the cash allotted for each category.

On mega clearance I purchased this Vera Bradley Envelope in English Meadows to use for my envelope system.
It was highly recommended to use with the envelope system as it has many spots for different categories and a spot for coupons.
I can't wait for it to arrive!

Plus it'll be cute with my new Vera tote in Lemon Parfait!
Ok...back on track.
I've never been great at couponing, but it's a new goal.
I figure coupons + clearance shopping will be fantastic.
AND NOT buying what we don't need.

I'll keep you posted on our journey.
So far, so good this month.

Also...if you have any great coupons or deals you know of, please share!!!

Happy Savings!!

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