Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nursing pillows

 Before Levi was born, we were given both a My Brest Friend and a Boppy.
The Brest Friend was good as a newborn as it was very secure and sturdy.
But as he grew, it became too much.
The Boppy was great as it was more flexible and could be used for other things.

 We could plop Levi in it next to us on the couch or on the floor to play.
 We used it for tummy time and to help secure him as he learns to sit up.
 My only complaint?
The price, and wanting a 2nd one.
We kept one in his nursery for nursing him, but often we'd be lounging downstairs and I'd have to go back up to get the pillow.
And dang they are too pricey to buy a 2nd.

So I made on.
I made him a cute robot and green nursing pillow.
And we all love it.
We use it ALL the time.
Do you or did you use a nursing pillow?
Did you use it just for nursing or did you use it for other things?

I've gotten creative with the nursing pillows I'm making.
If interested, you can buy a custom nursing pillow in my Etsy shop!
I like to use fun and modern fabrics. 
Plus, they are way cheaper than the Big Box brand...and one of a kind!
Would make a great gift for a Mama to be or new Mama!

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  1. Jenny, your idea was great! I used my Boppy to nurse Moriah and for playtime/lounge time as you have. Luckily, our apartment is tiny and I nursed in the rocking chair in the living room so it was close at hand for playtime too. I found mine at our HUGE children's consignment sale here for only about $5... I just bought an allergy free cover (I think that's what it was called, just white) and then put a decorative one on top. I was thankful for the savings, but making one (or buying a cute one from you) is a great option!


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