Friday, July 13, 2012

Levi- 5 Months

{warning: many pictures ahead}

Levi is growing SO much!
He is now rolling like crazy! Both back to tummy and tummy to back.
It's so funny to watch him on the video monitor in his crib. He is all over the place!
He is also sitting on his own!
He can only do it for a minute or so before toppling over.
At Daddy's school, makin some art....

He is also holding his own bottle.
If you show him the bottle he waves his hands in excitement, reaches out, grabs it and puts it in his mouth!
He also had his first fever, today actually. Not a milestone I was looking forward to. : (
snuggling during his first fever

Levi had his first Fourth of July!
He did so great!

My mom's neighborhood sounded and looked like a war zone, but despite all the noise, he just watched and took it all in!
We've also been doing a lot of swimming!
In both or little kiddie pool on the deck and at his grandparents pool.
He's quite the fishy!
Prayer Request Follow Up
Last month I mentioned we had to see a specialist regarding his eyes crossing.
Wonderful news!
His eyes and muscles are completely healthy!
We will do a follow up in 6 months to check his vision again, but he should be fine!
The doctor explained that some baby's who reach milestones earlier and are a bit advanced sometimes try to focus in on objects that their eyes just aren't ready for which can cause them to cross.

Cloth Diapering
Still loving it!!
A few friends are cloth diapering and I love it!
So great!

We are nursing, supplementing and started on a few purees. So far, he doesn't care for solids. I've started him with a bit of cereal, then the green veggies. He doesn't like green.
Can't blame em.
We are moving on to carrots and hoping that little bit of sweet will persuade him!
I'm making his own food, which I've really enjoyed.
I'm a newbie, so if anyone has any tips or tricks, pass em on!
I'm thankful he is still nursing! I hope to keep that up!

I am really trying to savor this month. On his 6 month "birthday" I will be returning to work, teaching part time. Every afternoon.
Oh how I will miss being with him the whole day, but am thankful to be able to just work part time. It truly is a blessing.
Also, I am so appreciative of those who have supported and purchased items through my etsy store!
With being a part-time teacher we are really going to be counting each penny.
Making a little extra money will really help my family, so I do appreciate your support!
For my loyal readers, you can use the coupon code JENNYFREEBLOG and receive 10% off your order!
Just a little 'thank you' for reading and supporting me and my family!
I have really loved sewing, picking fabrics and coming up with designs.

I'm so thankful and blessed to have been able to be home with Levi for the first 6 months of his life. I will treasure those moments and memories we've created and look forward to what's to come!

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  1. Jenny, Levi is such a blessing and a testimony of God's goodness in answering the prayers of so many! Glad to hear all is well with his little eyes :) I loved using the "Baby Love" cookbook as a starting point for homemade baby food with Moriah - I always checked it out from our library until I happened to snag it when Border's went out of business. You might try the library first to be sure you like the options and he likes the food! Have fun making baby food, I loved it. Have you been using ice cube trays to freeze small portions in? That helped me a lot.


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