Monday, September 14, 2009

Project of the Week....

If you've ever seen or been in my kitchen, you'll know it's definitely NOT where people congregate. They may *want* to, but there just isn't room. Here's a little peak at what my kitchen looks like. Note: most of your closets are bigger than my kitchen.

Well....what I'd like to do is, on other side of the fridge put a bar height stool, so at least ONE person can sit and relax in the kitchen while I'm cooking. Or, I can sit and chop of veggies and things. 
I'd like to find an old stool (if anyone knows of one, let me know!) and then stencil an 'F' on the top, similar to how these look:

I went by one thrift today with no luck. Hopefully I'll be able to find what I need!


  1. I like that idea. i wish i had somewhere to put some stools in my kitchen. and this is amanda...i don't think nathan cares much about stools.

  2. haha....I'm sure Nathan cares about stools a *little* bit. : )


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