Friday, September 4, 2009

It's's pouring.....

I'm a total weirdy, but I love days like this. I like to be all cuddled up at home in my sweats. Since the rain and the 200 kids I saw today have zapped my energy. One of these babies is calling my name....

The best part? It's FREE!!! my name.

I got some majorly crummy service there a couple of weeks ago and was sent a couple free drink coupons. I happily took them up on it.

Tonight Mr. Free and I, along with some friends are heading down to First Fridays. If you are in the KC area, you MUST go at least once.

The first Friday of each month, the art galleries in the Crossroads district open up to the public for free. It makes for such a great, FREE evening. (There was definitely a reason my last name was destined to contain my favorite word in it....). Even if you are not into the 'art scene', it's a great event to people watch. You see all sorts of walks of life.

Have a great three day weekend!!

-J. Free

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