Monday, May 2, 2011

Re-Organized Living Room

Yay! A post not related to fertility!

Thank you for bearing with me Readers.
As you can imagine, I haven't quite been myself over the last 7 months and with each loss "regular life" got harder and harder.
As Mr. Free can attest, for quite awhile our home was no where ready for company and our menu was "survival basic".

I'm slowly trying to return to normal as I'm feeling a bit more optimistic about the future.
And with that...this weekend I actually felt like cleaning and organizing!
Plus took some pictures of our living room for you all, which I hadn't yet done!

First of all, our living room is tiny.
There is no entry, you just walk straight into it.
And this is our only living space.
So it houses our TV, DVD player, computer, Xbox, PS3.
The works.

So, to help it be organized and clutter-free is tough!

This is our "faux entry".
We hung a chalkboard/dry erase board to leave notes, as well as a coat hook for our guests.
Last year we installed this new front door.
The old one was just a wood slab, and this one with the little window cutout provides so much more light!
When furnishing our house, we loved this coffee table.
We knew we wanted glass, so it'd make the room feel bigger.
BUT we didn't think about low-riding basset hounds walking underneath smearing their oily coats on it.
It never looks clean.

On top of the coffee table is my yummy almond scented candle (those are hard to find!), a tray with current magazines and a box with remotes and coasters.
Next to our hand-me-down loveseat is this little tulip side table I snatched at Target a few years ago on clearance with a candle.
I love the striped entry mat. Another Target purchase!
The entertainment center was Mr. Free's from his bachelor days.
I like it in the fact that it provides a lot of storage and even a faux mantle for the holidays.
Above we have one of our favorite wedding pictures.
On the faux mantle is some of the milk glass I've collected.
The shelves contain our entertainment necessities, but I've worked hard to make it look as nice and clutter-free as possible.
The baskets hold games, DVDs and computer equipment.
The vintage books hold the output box and my DIY tart burner.

So there you have it!
Not perfect. Not designer.
But it works for us!

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  1. I think we have that same front door and we love it too! Privacy with an amazing amount of light! I love your living room. It looks clean but lived in, if that makes any sense. I just finished student teaching and have been working on making our house a home too.
    I have been praying for you and your husband in your fertility "issues". I know God will answer your prayers.


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