Monday, May 9, 2011

The Plan, Stan

The testing is over!

Immediatly following the biopsy last Wednesday, the RE pulled us into his office and went ahead and formed a plan based on all the testing so far for the next 2 cycles.

So far, all tests have come back normal.
I'm not sure whether to be thankful, or not.
I'm glad everything is fine, but I wish we could've found a problem and insure we fix it for next time.
But he said that with this plan, it'll make everything from "good" to "great".

So, for the next 2 cycles we will:

CD 3 Baseline scan
Make sure everything is looking good internally to medically ovulate

CD 3-7 5 mg Femara
This will cause me to ovulate and make a better quality egg. The risk of multiples is around 10%, which is much lower than Clomid, the most popular ovulation medication. Femara is becoming more popular as it usually only produces 1 very healthy follicle, versus multiple follicles and helps build up your lining vs. Clomid that tends to thin it out

CD 10- 20 Digital Ovulation Predictor Kits
(Clear Blue Easy Digital- with the smiley faces!)

CD 12 Mid-cycle scan
This will show that I am in fact producing a healthy follicle

7 days after ovulation, begin 200 mg Prometrium
For 10 days, if pregnant, keep on until 11 weeks pregnant, if negative, discontinue use. (Prometrium is progesterone which will build up the lining and increase the chance of good implantation)


I thought after testing I'd feel light as a feather. But now that we are looking to be "trying" again, I'm terrified. I'm worried about not "doing enough". I'm worried that we will somehow still lose another baby.
For some reason, I had it in my mind that if I went through all the testing, I'd somehow be guaranteed my healthy baby, but I'm suddenly realizing there is no such promise.

The RE said if we aren't pregnant in 2 cycles or have another miscarriage, we will do laproscopy surgery to look for endometriosis. I truly do not have believe I have that as I've had 0 symptoms.

The RE also said he didn't want to persue Baby Aspirin or extra Folic Acid at this time. If needed, down the road we can look into this but he is confident with this plan.

Please just pray for us if you will.

One, for peace and comfort during this next chapter. That we can fully trust God and his good plan despite the outcome. But we truly pray for our take-home-baby this time!
I just keep studying Phill. 4, specifically verse 6.
I'm striving to not be anxious and give all my concerns to Him.
He is above statistics. He is above modern medicine.
He is in control.

Second, for financial assistance. We were told that insurance should cover the testing, as it was diagnostic. However, we got our first insurance statement and somehow it was labeled as "infertility" which would mean totally out-of-pocket. So last month could cost thousands of dollars. Plus this next month or 2 would be even more. I left a message at the RE's office asking if it can be re-coded and haven't heard back yet. I'm prepped to fight either the billing dept or insurance, but just pray that the Lord will provide in whatever way necessary.

I never thought this road to motherhood would be so bumpy, but I just care about arriving at the destination. : )


  1. Philippians 4:6 is my favorite bible verse. I pray it every time I feel stressed/nervous/anxious. I was praying it all morning while Rowan was getting his surgery and as usual, God is faithful! There is nothing like the peace of God and I'm praying for that for you and Brian..and for a healthy and perfect little red headed baby! :)ok, it doesn't have to be a red head, but as we all know, they are pretty special ;)

  2. Thanks Amanda! Glad Rowan did well! And at this point, they can come out with purple hair all I care! I just want them to be here and healthy! Thank you for the prayers.

  3. So glad you have a great Dr and a good plan. Praying it all works out well for you :) Cant wait to see updates about a happy, healthy pregnancy and a cute little baby!!

  4. Jenny, this sounds very positive! It seems like the Femara and progesterone will be helpful and I'm hoping that the scans throughout the process will be reassuring. I will continue praying that everyday brings you and Brian closer to holding your precious little one.

  5. This is an awesome plan!!! As I was reading through it, all the bases are covered. I especially like the added progesterone. You have a wonderful doctor. I felt like I was drug along for 4 years. When I went to the specialist, it was a little over a year until I was pregnant. Things will be fine. Be content where you are at and live for the moment. You are not defined by being a mother... you are defined by being a child of God. Elaine

  6. Just popping in to say that you are in my thoughts and prayer! Hang in there:)

  7. So happy that there's a plan...always makes me feel better when I have a plan in place. Can't wait to read about all the updates! :)

  8. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers! Praying that this month is our lucky month!


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