Thursday, May 5, 2011

INSANE past 24 hours...

Here's the recap.

Yesterday I was scheduled for my endometrial biopsy at 3.
I was very nervous about this procedure, since when you google about it, it is always described as "horrific torture".
So, I went in to work for a half day and was a nervous wreck.
I left at noon and went home to take my Valium at one. Doc said to take it 2 hours in advance.
I get home, let the doggies out, take my Valium and lay down as it made me sleepy.
I wake up and then go outside to water the flowers and notice I didn't see the dogs on the deck.
I then look over and see the gate we rarely use wide open.

So here I am, Valiumed up, in panic mode.
Weird feeling.
I just start running around the neighborhood, thinking of their usual spots.
Mr. Free gets home and we frantically look, but know we have the appointment in 20 minutes.
We had to go.

I'm a sobbing mess.
I'm imagining the worst scenarios with my dogs and know I'm about to be tortured in my most sensitive areas.
Thank the Lord for the Valium because I can't IMAGE how I'd be without that!

The procedure takes like 5 minutes.
It hurts.
Worse than the HSG.
My cervix wasn't cooperating. Was tight as a drum. Had to dilate and clamp it. Taking the sample HURT. I squeezed Mr. Free's hand, started crying and just prayed for my sweet little doggies.
I start feeling light-headed and nauseated, but luckily that's as far as it went.
I laid on the table for a few minutes to gain composure, but knew that it was precious time in finding my pups.

We had called animal control and rushed home to put of signs and patrol the area looking for them and talking to everyone we saw.
No one saw a thing.
I looked up different articles about finding lost dogs.
We tried every database, craigslist, facebook, etc.
I also read that the chance of finding a lost dog is 16%.
And we had 2.
I was devastated.

I cried and sobbed thinking we lost them forever.
I slept in the guest room, which is closest to the backyard with the window open praying Id hear their barks.

I woke up this morning a sobbing mess again, a nervous wreck then got sick because I was so worked up.

And then I was supposed to go teach children.

BUT people suggested calling the local vet. On our way to work Mr. Free called the biggest vet in the city and they said someone came in last night saying they found 2 basset hounds.


They dropped them by this afternoon and we are SO thankful to have them home!!!

We went out and got a lock for our gate and got them new shiny collars.

Our testing is now over and we have a plan.
I'll update on that next post.

But life is looking up!
I'm ready to relax!

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  1. Praise God you found your puppies. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Now you have your doggies safe and sound and another test out of the way.


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