Thursday, April 17, 2014

75 Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

My most popular post thus far has been last year's 50 Toddler Easter Basket Ideas.
So this year, I obviously had to up it!

Here are some ideas:

* Stuffed Bunny or Chick
* Easter- themed books (see list below)
* Bible (The Jesus Storybook Bible is highly recommended)
* Chocolate Bunny
*Preschool Devotional
* Toddler Snacks (gold fish, fruit snacks, puffs, etc.)

Summer Fun
* Swimsuit
* Sunglasses
* Beach towel
* Water wings
* Pool toy
* Sand bucket and shovel
*Inflatable swimming pool
* Sidewalk chalk
* Kite
* Water/ Sand Table
* Lawn chair
* Tent
*Gardening Supplies

*CD's (Hidden in my Heart lullabies, Songs for Saplings, etc.)
*Games for Tablet (leap pad, innotab, etc.)
* Misc. board books
* Educational DVDs

* Color Wonder marker set
*Coloring book
*Do a Dot Markers
*Art kits
* Crayons
* "My First Paint Set"
* Construction Paper
* Stickers
* Apron
*Play dough
*Play dough stamps 

* Sippy Cups
*Disposable dining mats
* Bibs
* PJs
* Summer clothes
* Shoes
* Easter outfit
* Shampoo/Lotion
* Girl accessories (hair bows, etc.)

*Mega Bloks
* Bath toys
* Small instruments
* Little People
* Play food
* Mr. Potato Head
* Small cars
* Slinky
* Stuffed animal
* Doll

* Tickets to the Zoo
* Membership to Gymboree
* Tickets to local children's museum
*Tickets to baseball game

"What is Easter?"
"The Berenstein Bears and the Easter Story"
"Pat the Bunny"
"The Pout Pout Fish"

*Disney (Frozen, Toys Story, etc.)
* Favorite TV show on DVD (Thomas, Sesame Street, Etc.)
*Veggie Tales


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