Thursday, April 10, 2014

motherhood: a reflection on the first two years

Life has been busy.
And this blog has been neglected. 
Sorry friends.

I thought, now that I've been a mama for a whopping two years, I'd give a check in on how things are going!

Levi is 2!
He is running, climbing, jumping, skateboarding, and tricycling
He has a HUGE vocabulary and is now putting together sentences
He can identify shapes, colors, some letters and can count
He is now in a big boy bed (sniff sniff)
He is now in the 30% for height and 24% for weight!!!! This is HUGE for us!!!!

Levi is the typical toddler. He'd rather play than eat.
He's not overly picky, which is fabulous.
He would love to have a diet consisting of chocolate milk, cookies and candy though (don't we all?!)

cloth diapering
2 years and still going!
We did have to switch to disposies overnight. The wet cloth on his skin for an extended time was causing rashes. Switching to overnight disposables cleared it up. 
Hoping to start potty training this summer when mommy and daddy are home!

I've still been blessed to teach part-time in the afternoons. I've loved our leisurely mornings together. This is when we do preschool time, play outside, prep for dinner or just watch a movie : )

what we love
being outside (I think we are going to basically live outside til October)
movies (this kid LOVES movies)
stuffed animals (he loves to play with them, make them walk, feed them, etc.)
toys (duh...what toddler doesn't love toys!)

random thoughts
so....infancy is exhausting. The whole living life in 3 hour chunks is brutal.
Now that we are in toddlerhood, we sleep through the night (hallelujah!), but it is a whole different kind of exhausting.
My house is never picked up. Not that I don't try. Just as soon as everything is in it's place, Levi dumps his bowl full of cheerios on the floor and jumps on them. Then pulls out every sippy cup we own. Then takes all the towels out of the cabinet. You get the picture.

I love seeing his little personality emerge. I love talking with him and starting to see what goes on in that little noggin of his.

I love seeing him interact with others. Playing with his friends. Telling his family he loves them. Love it.

Motherhood requires a sense of humor. Otherwise you'll go insane.

Find Mommy friends. Luckily, my best friend has a son a few months younger than Levi. Together we can vent, laugh, cry and "get" each other. This motherhood stuff is tough but SO amazing.

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