Tuesday, April 29, 2014

summer toddler routine + free printables


The last day of school is a month away!
The Free household is very excited about this.

As the school year is wrapping up, and having an energetic 2 year old, I've begun thinking of fun plans for our family this summer.

One important thing, though I'm admittedly not the best at it, is keeping a routine.
Here is what we are striving for:

We have zoo passes, which we want to utilize.

Our PTA is also selling movie passes for our local theater for kid movies each week.
It comes out to $1 per person per movie.
We haven't taken Levi to the theater before, but I am wayyyy excited to try this.
He loves movies and I think he will just love the big screen.
Plus it'll be theater full of kids, which will help mama not worry about a wiggly toddler.

We also have great public libraries with a summer reading program where they can earn free books.
One of the local libraries has a children's area AND a coffee shop.
We've planned to make that a regular stop this summer with some friends.

Kansas City has great activities for kids.
I've kept Friday as time for special outings. 
(Saturday can be this as well)

This could be going to a local park, swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's pool or something from our "Summer Special Activities" list

I am so excited to spend some fun family time.
I am the type though that has to be careful not to try and do it all.
I love being out and about, but know Levi needs down time at home as well.

Here are some free printables you can customize for your own summer plans!
You can print them and write them in, or right-click and save and then edit it in picmonkey and add your text and print off!

Mamas and Kansas City peeps, any things you add or any tips for a memorable summer?
Please share!

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