Friday, June 22, 2012

Mamahood Update- Levi 4 months!

Levi is such a strong little man!
He LOVES standing up (which he's done for 2 months now)
He prefers standing to anything else.
He's also holding his own bottle most of the time (sniff sniff)
He can roll tummy to back easily and can *almost* roll back to tummy.
He's "talking" up a storm and does a GREAT job at trying to copy us.
He's doing a good job at reaching for things and grabbing them.
He also loves laughing!
At his 4 month appointment he weighed 13 lb. 2 oz. and was 24 1/4" long.
He is in the 17th percentile for weight and 27th percentile for height.
He's a little peanut!
(Despite those chubby cheeks!)

Levi also had his first road trip to St. Louis to see his cousins and did GREAT!
Prayer Request
At his 4 month appointment, the pediatrician noticed his eyes still crossing on occasion.
He has an appointment at Children's Mercy July 10 with the opthamologist to see what to do.
Strabismus (crossed eyes) runs in my family and Mr. Free's too.
We are praying glasses and/or a patch will fix it and that we can avoid surgery.
It's been a bit of a hard pill to swallow imagining my sweet boy with glasses and a pirate patch so young, but if this is our greatest concern right now, I know we are truly blessed.
Cloth Diapering
Still loving it!!
While out of town for a week we did disposables and we sure missed our cloth!
They are way more absorbent, CHEAPER and cuter!
We are sold!


Last time I updated we were exclusively pumping and supplementing when needed. he is nursing!
Can you believe it?!
At 3 months he was suddenly interested and now it's what we do!
I still have to supplement a bottle or two a day of formula because I can't quite keep up, but I am thrilled he is getting so much breast milk!
And I am also thrilled to not have to carry around that blasted pump around and pump every 3 hours despite where we are!
So, we've officially tried every form of feeding! 
Praying the nursing continues!

Products We Love!
Now that Levi is 4 months old, here are some of his (and my!) favorite items!

For tummy time, he loves being on his playmat and seeing all the colors!
Levi is chewing up a storm and Sophie is his favorite gal! He chews her non-stop!
Silly name, but this pacifier/stuffed animal is genius! Levi loves it!
And it's so easy to spot and he can grab it himself.
He has the froggie!
Any and all. Levi LOVES toys!
Aden + Anais Blankets
These are nice and light and work great for covering up while nursing. They are breathable so help keep Levi cool while nursing in public.

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  1. That is great he is nursing now! Keep up the good work!


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