Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Management Binder: Medical Records

 We've been building our Home Management Binder and let's review what we've had so far.
We made our Cover and Spine
We made our Monthly Calendar
We made our Weekly Plan
And we made our Family Budget

 Now time to record the family's medical info!

 Under the Medical tab in your binder, you will have space to put all the important medical info for each family member. 
It will include:
Person's name
Primary Doctor

 This would also be a great spot to put the labels from any medications or supplements you take with the refill number.

This is a great resource for a baby-sitter or family member if an emergency arises and they need these numbers or medications!

Download the Medical Info page here!

I hope you're still building your binder with me!
It has turned into an incredibly valuable tool for us to keep our lives organized!


  1. You're doing it right! Keeping medical records is pretty useful in a sense that you get to keep track of the medical history of the family, and through that, you can determine what kind of lifestyle your family should adopt to stay healthy. Your binder is a great idea, and I think your readers will pick up on it. Cheers and keep it up! :)

  2. Given the technology we have these days, hospitals keep records of their patients through electronic health records. Nevertheless, it's still important to keep medical records of your family at home. In that manner, you can review and understand your loved ones' past and current health status. In case of emergencies, you at least know what kind of medical treatment they would need.


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