Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mama Clutch

As a new mama, I had a dilemma.
 I knew I didn't want to carry around both a purse and diaper bag.
So I registered for a cute diaper bag that kinda looked like a purse and thought I'd just throw my stuff in there with baby's.

It worked for awhile, but then I had a problem.
We would drop baby off with someone and run a quick errand and I needed to leave the diaper bag. I had no way of carrying my glucometer, phone and keys.
So I decided to make a Mama Clutch.
 This clutch is versatile.
I use it to hold my things. It holds:
My Nook Tablet
My glucose meter (which doubles as my wallet)
My keys
My iPhone
Juice box (for low blood sugars)

I slip the clutch in the diaper bag and if I need to leave the diaper bag with someone while I run an errand, I just grab the clutch and go!
Plus all my stuff is contained in the diaper bag and I'm not searching for it!

It can also work as a diaper clutch.
It holds 3 disposable diapers and a travel case of wipes.
So if you don't want to bring the whole diaper bag for a quick errand, just grab the clutch with diapers and wipes! 
And I think it's pretty fashionable too!

If you're interested...I have one available in my shop!

So Mamas...what clever solutions have you come up with!


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