Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Cards time!

Attention fellow bloggers!
Shutterfly is offering a great promotion for 50 free holiday photo cards for blogging about their cards!
It's quite the deal!

Mr. Free and I like to send out photo Christmas cards.
I know we don't have any cute little ones, but we still find a card with photos on them much more personable.

I know I love getting Christmas cards in the mail and hanging them up on our door. I especially love when people send cards with photos. Often times it is people I haven't seen in awhile so it's so good to see them and how they are doing.
By Christmas our whole door is full of cards and I love stopping to look at all the photos!

Last year I was a Scrooge and got plain Christmas cards.
It just wasn't the same.

Before that I've bought the Christmas cards that you slide in a 4 x 6 picture in, but often the picture would slide out.

So this year I've been looking at Shutterfly and found some great options.
I like how the picture is printed right onto the card, so it can't slip out.
And really, the prices aren't bad!

Before I was buying the card, plus paying to print the photos.
So it really comes out to the same price without the hassle.

Mr. Free and I are going to be taking our Christmas pictures this weekend, but we are thinking of wearing our ugly Christmas sweaters, rocking some classic 80's hair and taking an 80's classic family portrait.

You know we can't take a serious photo....

We also want to include pictures of our 3 cute pets.
Because if nothing else...those 3 will make people smile!

Here is the design I think I've decided on

But here are others I really liked too!

Check out the many other styles here and here!
Also with Mr. Free graduating in a couple of weeks and my graduation this Spring, there are some great
graduation announcements too!

I'll be sure to show you the finished product, and bloggers be sure to check out this deal!

So...tell me about your favorite holiday card!

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  1. I just got my 50 free Shutterfly cards in the mail on Wednesday, and they turned out so fabulous. Tip: if you can't decide on only one design, you can actually pick multiple designs/pictures and still get them for free with the promo code! I only had to pay $7.99 for shipping. Saved around 60 bucks :)

    Here's a peek at one of our designs:

    AND if you are planning on getting those announcements, you can also get a $25 off promo code from Shutterfly if you post a link to one of your card creations and then email! I think that this option is available once you design the card--the website will prompt you "Do you want to share this?" and you just select blog and enter your info and it posts it for you. I just got my code yesterday and it's valid until February.

    Here are the details from Shutterfly:

    Help us spread the word. Embed project and receive a $25 gift certificate.

    Here's how:
    Embed your project on a blog or Web site you own. Email an active link (no screenshots, please) to the Web page containing your embedded project to: We will confirm placement and reply to your email with a discount code.

    The offer is only available to individuals embedding the Shutterfly widget on their website or blog. Offer ends January 31st, 2011 (11:59PM PST). Promotional codes provided are valid until February 15, 2011 (11:59PM PST) and valid for one-time redemption per qualifying order per member.

    Thought I would share all those frugal details!


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