Friday, January 27, 2012

The Plan, Stan

So...on Monday, we had another BPP and growth ultrasound.

At 35 weeks, 6 days, Baby Free was clocking in at 7 lb. 4 oz.

90th percentile.


My blood sugars have still been all over the place.

(Which means placenta function is good, but not good to have baby marinating in lots of sugar. Maybe my child will be extra sweet?!)'s the plan.

Next Thursday (2/2) at 8 a.m. we have an amnio scheduled to check for lung maturity.

By noon we should have results.

Peri said we need a number above 70.

If it is....we will head to the hospital to induce!

I asked about statistics as this would mean Baby Free coming into this world at 37.5 weeks (which is pretty standard for diabetic pregnancies).

He said he'd give a 70% chance that baby's lungs will be ready. If they aren't...we will induce one week later.

He said with induction, and it being my first, there's a 25% chance of it leading to a c-section.

The "scheduled" induction time is at 3:00 on 2/2. They will most likely begin with a 12 hour dose of cervidil. Then around 3 a.m., if cervidil did it's job, we will begin the pitocin. When Dr. gets in around 8, she will break my water.

The nurse said she would "guess" Baby Free would be here around dinner time on Friday (2/3).

Granted, sometimes the cervidil needs to be done twice (which would be 24 hours of just that) or baby doesn't react well to pitocin, so a c-section is needed. So lots of variables.

But I'm so excited to meet our chubby-cheeked child!

The peri and doctor agree that it's safer for both of us to get baby out as long as baby is ready. The longer baby is in there, the harder my blood sugars are to control.

The longer baby is in high glucose, the fatter baby gets and harder their own pancreas has to work, which could result in a NICU stay for hypoglycemia.

Mr. Free and I have seen God's hand throughout this entire pregnancy.

I am nervous about all these events (amnio! pitocin!), but know that Mr. Free and I have faced some scary procedures through these past 2 years and God brought us through them just fine.

I know He is leading the path to meeting our little miracle!

On a good note, I've been having some on and off contractions, so a true blessing would be if Baby Free decided to come on their own before Thursday!!! Praying, praying, praying!!!

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  1. Praying for you and wishing you all the best!


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