Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little overwhelmed.

Baby Free 34 weeks 2 days
6 lb. 3 oz.

Well, we met with the perinatologist today to review blood sugars as well as a growth ultrasound and biophysical profile.
Baby looked great.
Turns out our kid has LONG hair. Crazy.
One kidney looks normal, other kidney measuring 7.2 mm. Doctor said that he would be concerned if it was over 10 mm, so he thinks it'll be fine following birth. is measuring big. 87th percentile.
Borderline macrosomia.
Macrosomia is very common in diabetic pregnancies and simply means a big baby.
My blood sugars have been GREAT through out pregnancy, but the last 2 weeks they have been a roller coaster. This is very normal for diabetics, but frustrating too.
With macrosomia, a risk is that the baby will be born with low blood sugar.
See, my uterus is not the 'ideal environment' since Baby is growing amidst lots of glucose. Therefore, Baby's pancreas has been working overtime to keep Baby's blood sugar normal.
But once Baby is out, their pancreas may still be in 'over drive' and cause low blood sugar.
The perinatologist said that if this occurs, it could mean Baby is in NICU for a few days after delivery.

He said he thinks the best option is that in 2 weeks (gulp) have an amnio to see if Baby's lungs are ready for birth.
If Baby's lungs are ready.... Baby will be induced.
He said as long as Baby's lungs are good, it would be better for Baby to be out, then in.
The closer to 40 weeks we get the chance of stillbirth can increase and other complications.
He really wants a vaginal delivery as it will help Baby's lungs.

So we may have a baby in 2.5 weeks!
If Baby's lungs aren't quite ready, we will postpone the induction until they are.

All this was hard to hear.
First of all, this is SOON!!
MUCH sooner than I had thought!
Also, I can't help but feel overly guilty.
I wish my blood sugars were better the last few weeks...I've really been trying.
Thinking of our sweet baby in NICU just tears me up.
(Now I know, the NICU is a wonderful place and if this is where my child needs to be, then by all means that's whats best)

The thought of an amnio freaks me out.
The thought of bringing baby into this world in less than 3 weeks freaks me out.
The thought of Baby struggling after birth freaks me out.

Now, I am so, so excited to meet our sweet baby.
I just didnt anticipate hearing all this today.

I just have to wrap my mind around it all.

Please be praying that Baby Free's lungs will be ready when they should and that at birth Baby's blood sugars will be steady. I really want to have Baby near after birth, but just want Baby to be healthy.

So...anyone else have any amnio or induction advice? I'd sure appreciate it!

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  1. Baby Free looks beautiful, that is one of the clearest ultrasound pics I have ever seen! Just remember this, the doctor will do the very best thing so try not to be scared. Baby looks so healthy and I'm sure everything will go so well. I was induced with my 5th baby and it went very smoothly. I'll be praying that the little cutie will be crying full on with those healthy lungs.


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