Friday, September 3, 2010

My Home To-Do List

I had great plans and ambition this summer, but in mid-July when I found out I was pregnant, I lost all my energy.
So, I still have lots to do!
My energy level is coming back and I'm excited to get my home-sweet-home in tip top shape.

Side note:
The beginning of the school year is CrAzY for teachers! You are exhausted and overwhelmed.
However, this is the time of year that the urge strikes me to organize, clean and decorate!
Weird huh?

So here's on my list. Some of these things are attainable, some aren't quite in the budget yet Organize basement (this is a HUGE project!)
Spiffy up laundry area
Organize under kitchen cabinets
Clean up landscaping
Pseudo "finish" the basement
Paint the floors
Create 'living area'
Make it look nice!
New ceiling fan in master bedroom
New rug in master bedroom
Re-Paint baseboards
Paint doors white
Recessed lighting in living room and kitchen
I'll be working on one area a month, starting with the basement!

I'll keep you updated as I slowly and surely cross things off my list.

This is also the time of the year I am more motivated to do a deep cleaning. I want a squeeky clean home before cold and flu season hits!

Stay tuned!
Does anybody have an tips on when they have a mile-long to-do list?

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