Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Fresh Start.

Time to kick this thing in year, new start. (Though, it's 20 days into the new year, and I'm just now starting..... oh well, I digress...)
I hope everyone had a good, snowy holiday. Mine was fabulous, but returning back to normalcy is a great thing too

Today I got to use one of my gift cards from Christmas and ordered this amazing sweater from Ruche

I got the very last one too!!!
Thank you Katie for the thoughtful Christmas gift!!!

I got another great Christmas present from my Mom that I'd like to share. I'm a latte' junkie, and like everyone knows, those things sure add up! So my mom got me this awesome stovetop espresso maker. After looking at reviews, this seemed like the best bang for its money. My kitchen is TINY so an actual espresso MACHINE did not make sense for me. This little beauty makes wonderful espresso and is perfect in our tiny kitchen!

To use it, you just fill the bottom with water:

Then the next section with coarsely ground espresso (of course I use Benetti's.....keep it local!)

Then just screw on the top, set it on the stovetop on low heat and about 10 minutes later, you have fresh espresso!!!

I like my latte's iced, so my current recipe is as follows:
* Fill a cup with a bit of Shatto Chocolate Milk
* Pour in a little vanilla syrup
* Pour in fresh espresso
* Stir and combine
* Pour ice over liquid and enjoy!!!

Hopefully I'll get better with this whole blogging thing and have more to contribute more frequently. : ) Happy Wednesday!


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