Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to the Basement

Now that our basement has been lived in for awhile and decorating is complete (for now), I thought I'd share some pics!
Keep in mind...this is a FAMILY room. It is lived in. 
By 2 adults, 2 dogs, a cat and a baby.
You've been warned.

The family room kind of has 2 "sides".
The TV side, and the baby side.

The focal point of the TV side.
We just got a Mac Mini off of Craigslist with an apple keyboard and track pad.
Since we are a non- cable family this is an awesome option as we can watch TV shows online via their station website, Hulu and Netflix.

The view from the baby side to the TV side

Baby side. 
Got our play gym, Levi is rockin' the swing and his Bumbo.

On the baby side is a hand-me-down recliner to sit and enjoy baby.
I tried to dress it up by adding a throw blanket and pillow.
It helps.

Also on the baby side is a little desk workstation.
Mr. Free got it for me for my birthday.

The bookcase is full of Levi's books and future DVDs, my favorite books, games, toys and our candy stash.
Yes, we have a devoted candy stash.
Candy is Mr. Free's favorite food.
Thank goodness his sister is a dentist!

The TV side.
Sectional from Nebraska Furniture Mart with pillows from Pier 1.
The couch on the left is a hand-me down sleeper sofa.
The ottoman is from Walmart with the tray from Target.
The art above the sectional is Mr. Free's and the framed picture is from our good friend.

This area is so cozy.
We constantly have people over for TV and movie nights and can fit everyone!

View from the corner of TV side. 
Still love the beam Mr. Free made to cover the I beam.
View from the Desk area to TV side.
The desk, ottoman and lamp are from Target.
The ottoman has storage for pens, stamps, etc.
The basket next to it have baby blankets.
Great for tummy time!
Door to the laundry room.
Still love the family sign I got from Hobby Lobby on clearance!
Up close of ottoman and sectional. 
We spend a LOT of time here.
Side table that also houses an ottoman. Gotta love multiple uses!

Dog bed for our bassets to lounge. It's huge, can fit all three pets easy and only $20 from Costco!
Also next to the couch is a diaper caddy.
It holds a few cloth diapers,  cloth wipes, diaper area spray and lotion, hand sanitizer and a changing mat.
Perfect for quick diaper changes.
Starburst mirror is from Target.

So this is where we now live! We love it so much!!!

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  1. What is the best interior colors for living lounge,dining,kitchen and bedrooms?


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