Monday, April 16, 2012

2 months already!!!

So, guess I better check in, huh?!

Levi turned 2 months old on Easter. He is growing so fast!!!
This post is going to be a hodge podge of updates from the last 9 weeks...just a warning!


Levi had his 2 month shots this week and took them like a champ! Gosh, it is sure hard to watch as a mom though!
Levi has also began smiling, giggling, holding his head up 80% of the time and even rolled over! He is such a strong little man!
He is also sleeping through the night now!
This makes for one happy mommy!!

Levi had his first major holiday! Easter!
He got to do so many fun things!
The weekend before Easter he got to go with his grandparents to an Easter Egg Hunt and got to meet the Easter Bunny!
On Easter, the Easter bunny visited and brought him toys and clothes and some movies for when he's older. He must've been a good boy!
On Easter Sunday we went to church and then spent time with family. It seems the Easter Bunny really got around this year because everywhere we went, the Easter Bunny had left presents for him! He sure is spoiled!

Cloth Diapering

Levi is now 100% cloth diapering, and I LOVE it!!!
Look how happy and adorable he is in his cloth diapers!
I know I did a post pre-baby all about cloth, but now that I have a little bit of experience in it, I thought I'd add a few thoughts.

First of all, the laundry isn't bad. I wash his diapers every other day and it truly is manageable.
He has about 26 diapers, so we always have plenty.
My routine is:
Cold Rinse
Add detergent and hot wash
Cold Rinse
Then dry in the dryer

We've also battled the yeast monster (NOT FUN) and have learned a lot about taming that beast while still cloth diapering. I'll do a post all about it soon with things that have worked for us!

As far as diapers go, I have liked both the pockets we had purchased (BumGenius 4.0's and Kawaii's.)
We have had both mommy and daddy as well as grandparents use them and they've all thought they were simple enough!
I will say, we originally bought all snaps, but have purchased a few more Bum Geniuses with aplix (velcro). We have 6 aplix ones and they really are nice for middle of the night changes or when leaving him with a family member for a few hours. I'd recommend a few in anyone's stash.

But truly, either diaper is great. Bum Genius are more available (in store at Buy Buy Baby or we used some Target gift cards and purchased online), but Kawaii's are dirt cheap. Around $7/ diaper.
(One tip, if purchasing Bum Geniuses...go to Buy Buy Baby and use their $5 of $15 brings them down to $12.99, which is the cheapest ANYWHERE!)

We are also using cloth wipes ( a mixture of washcloths we received and Bum Genius flannel wipes) and love them too. We use California Baby diaper area wash with a splash of Tea Tree Oil (helps with the yeast monster) and just spray on his tush and wipe. It really is better than the disposable wipes.

I highly recommend cloth to anyone. It is SUCH a money saver, good for our planet and ADORABLE!


As I had mentioned in my 1 week reflection post, nursing wasn't going so great with us. My supply hadn't and still hasn't fully come in. I have never known what engorgement feels like.
Levi had lost 10% of his birth weight, so we supplemented with some formula and pumped as much as I could.
I'm happy to say that I now exclusively pump for him and he is getting about 90% breastmilk every day.
I've tried nursing him since and sometimes he will, and sometimes he gets fed up and just wants a bottle.
Honestly, it is fine with me. I'm just thrilled he is getting the benefits of breast milk. He doesn't have to have it directly from the tap. : )
I plan to do a post about Exclusively Pumping as well, since I think it's a forgotten option for feeding newborns. It seems its usually breastfeeding vs. formula, but pumping is a great option.
I pump 6 times a day for 15 minutes, which really works for me.
Daddy and others can help with feedings, so on weekends mommy can sleep a little longer.
Pumping just truly works for us, and Levi is still reaping the benefits.


Since I've always vowed to be real and transparent here, I'll share a bit of my struggles over the past 2 months.
As you probably knew, during my pregnancy I was an absolute nervous wreck about something going wrong and losing him.
I had been medicated in the past for anxiety, so my struggle didn't really shock me.
I had thought once the baby was born, I would have such an incredible peace and joy. He was here! He was healthy!
And I was/am overjoyed!
I love this little man SO MUCH!!!
But my anxiety crept back.
My mind began to obsess about all the bad things that could happen to him now that he's on the "outside"
SIDs, Car Accident, Cancer, etc.
With the lack of sleep involved with caring for a newborn and all these anxieties, I knew I needed a little help.
My OB prescribed a standard dose of Zoloft and it has helped SO much.
Now, I do worry time to time, which I think is the "new normal" that comes with Mommyhood, but I am no longer obsessing.
I am no longer crying myself to sleep terrified he won't wake up in the morning.
So, if anyone has struggled with Post Pregnancy Anxiety, know that I truly understand!
I feel like such a better mommy and wife now that I am medicated. It truly has been a blessing.

In other mommy news, I am happy to say that I am currently 6 pounds BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight!
Granted, my body is still doughy and covered in stretch marks...
But seeing that number makes me feel pretty good!
(Still need to lose another 20 pounds...but trying to enjoy the small milestones!)

Products We Love!
Now that Levi is 2 months old, here are some of his (and my!) favorite items!
He loves swinging and often falls right asleep in it!
For tummy time, he loves being on his playmat and seeing all the colors!
We use this's wonderful to prop him up on to feed him or to play
Medela Pump in Style Advance
Since I exclusively pump, this pump has been a LIFESAVER! 15 minutes and I'm done!
We still swaddle him every time he sleeps, and it really helps him get a good nights rest!
Soothing Sounds Giraffe
We use him on the "play" setting for tummy time, and "relax" setting for naps. He is great!
Moby Wrap
Levi loves being held and this has helped me hold him AND get stuff done!
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
This book is amazing! After reading it and adopting some of its tips, Levi is sleeping through the night and taking good long naps in his crib! Before he would NOT nap in his crib at all. I highly recommend this book!

We have been super blessed to be able to have Levi's monthly pictures taken by LeGrand Photography.
They did his beautiful newborn pictures and will do his monthly photos through his first birthday!
They have done such a great job and I can't wait to see all the creative ideas they have for the next year!
The first picture above was from his monthly photo shoot as well!

Sorry it's taken so long to update. Who would've thought something weighing 10 pounds could take up so much time?!

I wouldn't have it any other way! : )


  1. Yeah for cloth diapering! I am glad you found a way to give him breastmilk that works for all of you.

  2. Me too. I'm bummed it didn't work the "traditional" way, but I'm still happy he's getting what he needs. And yes, cloth diapering is awesome.


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