Tuesday, November 22, 2011

27 Weeks! I have some catching up to do!

What's inside at 26 weeks
How far along? 27 weeks!

Maternity clothes? Yes siree! Even some of the maternity shirts are getting too short! Yikes!

Sleep? Not too bad. Some nights my hips hurt horribly so I toss and turn. Mr. Free has developed a good technique of surrounding me in pillows. Some nights my hips don't hurt at all and I sleep like a rock! Definitely trying to cherish those nights as I know they will be few and far between soon...

Best moment of the week (or month, I should say!)
Halloween was a blast this year. We took the doggies to trunk or treat at Mr. Free's parents church. They were dressed as a turtle and ladybug and were a huge hit! I love seeing the little ones snuggle up to them!

Mr. Free dressed as Mario and I went as a "pumpkin smuggler".

Mr. Free has been working HARD on the basement and we are almost there! We are now at the staining/painting stage and all that's left after that is flooring! Then we are done!

While Mr. Free slaves away in the basement, I've been slowly working on the nursery. The small bedroom we will be using was covered in 2 layers of wallpaper and paint, so the steamer became my best friend last week.

Underneath was pink paint..... God trying to tell us something? : )

Luckily, it is all off now so over Thanksgiving Break I can focus on painting the room and getting it pulled together! Our crib arrived this week and I'm so excited to see it put together in the room!

These are the paint colors for the room. The walls will be the aqua color and we will be painting the dresser the yellow.

Food cravings: It's still changing, but lately it's been more 'American' food. Like burgers, fries, pizza, etc.

Gender: Still Team Green!

Belly button, in or out? Technically still in, but it's definitely much much shallower.

Movement: Oh yes! Baby is getting much stronger! One of the funniest things happened last Sunday morning. Mr. Free and I were both in a deep sleep and when our alarm when off, Baby Free went bonkers! Kicking and punching! I had never felt so much movement before! I honestly think the sudden noise scared em! I hit snooze and when it went off again I put it up to my tummy and baby punched my phone. I think Baby feels the same way I do about that pesky alarm going off!

What I miss? Still nothing! I love this baby and love being pregnant!

What I'm looking forward to:

Finalizing our family room and nursery for our little one.

Next week will begin our weekly biophysical profiles to monitor our baby's growth and their kidneys (they both are still slightly enlarged). It'll be neat to see them each week.

I'm REALLY looking forward to meeting this baby on the outside! The 4D pictures are amazing and I just can't wait to hold and snuggle this child!

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