Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life and Holiday Randomness

This post is gonna be a whole lot of random.
As is my life lately.
Between finishing up orders for my Etsy store, sewing items for my family, Levi's first Christmas, teaching, family events, is nuts!
And I wouldn't have it any other way!
So bear with me....

Yesterday, Levi and I made salt dough ornaments according to our Advent calendar.
I did Levi's hand and foot prints as well as each of our initials.
I think adorned them with some paint pens Mr. Free had.

So then, Monday morning I woke up to this.
And by Monday night, I had this.
 The Delta Ashton faucet.
We had long wanted a brushed nickel faucet, but our existing faucet was perfectly fine. (Was a hand-me-down from Mr. Free's parents old kitchen)
So several clams later, we have a pretty new faucet. : )
Merry Christmas to us.

I'm handmaking our Christmas cards this year. 
Still not done.
Hopefully they will be done and sent before next Christmas.
No promises. 
 I've been sewing up a storm.
I've had plenty of orders to keep me busy.
The modern floor poufs have been my biggest seller, so I decided to expirement with a square pouf.
I know, I'm a crazy woman.
 I also made Levi a sweet train onesie for a special occasion
Mr. Free's extended family has a big Christmas party every year.
His great-aunt and uncle complete decorate their home to look like the north pole.
AND they have a train museum on their property.
Including a full size caboose.
It makes you feel like a kid again, and Levi had a blast!

Levi also met Santa for the first time!
He was so good!
He just sat there like a little gentleman!
It's peppermint mocha season.
I'm a happy girl.
And I love the little chocolate curls on top.
Makes life better.
On December 5, a sweet little boy came into this world!
Emmett Lee was born to an amazing set of parents.
His mama and daddy are our best-friends-in-the-whole-wide-world and we were so excited for our little men to meet!
They had the gender of the baby be a surprise so we all were thrilled with the great news!
Levi and Emmett are destined to be best-of-friends.
He is one adorable little boy.
I can't wait to see all the mischief these two get themselves into!
And finally, on December 8th, Levi turned 10 months old.
How did this happen?!
Just last week he was being swaddled and waking every 3 hours to eat, barely able to hold his head up.
Now he's crawling super fast, pulling up and thisclose to walking!

Each day is personality comes out even more and it is such a joy to see!
He is stinkin' funny!!!
His latest tricks:
- Climbing the stairs
- Tilting his head to the side to get your attention
- If you ask him what Santa says, he will say "ho ho ho".
- He dances every time he hears music
- He thinks the sound "BLAH" is hilarious. He will belly laugh so hard to that noise
- He has 4 teeth

I am so thankful and blessed to be his Mama.

So yeah, life is crazy. Good crazy.
I'm looking forward to more Christmas lights, cocoa and Christmas movies.
'Tis the Season.

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