Monday, August 20, 2012

Levi and Motherhood- 6 months!


Levi is now sitting up pretty much on his own.
He will occasionally topple over, but can usually sit and play with his toys.
He is also *thisclose* to crawling.
He gets on all fours and rocks away.
He can crawl backwards, but not forwards quite yet.
Not sure I'm ready for him to be so mobile! 

He also said "Dada" this month!
He's done it a few times and sometimes says, "Dad-EE!!!"
So super cute.
Melts his daddy's heart big time.

At his 6 month check-up he was 25 1/4" long and exactly 15 lbs.
He's in the 11% percentile for height and 10% percentile for weight.
Such a little peanut.

New School Year

I started back to work, teaching music each afternoon.
I think it's a great fit for our family.
Each morning I get to get the chores done, dinner prepped and cuddle time with my little man.
Then evenings are spent quality time as a family.

Levi's sitter is AMAZING.
We knew her from church and she loves Levi SO much.
It makes me feel so much better about leaving him for a few hours.

Cloth Diapering

Still lovin it.
Lovin saving some major moolah, thats for sure.
We've started using our diaper sprayer (ours is from Bum Genius) since Levi is know eating solids.
It's worked fantastic.
Highly recommend it.

Well, Levi is seriously fed nearly every which way possible.
We still nurse and supplement with formula.
We are also during puree's twice a day along with a little Baby Led Weaning.
(For those unfamiliar with BLW, you can read about it HERE)
 Obviously I don't get my panties in a wad over how my child is fed.
As long as he is fed, that's what matters.
The philosophy behind it, doesn't really matter.

I am making all his food.
I can get behind that philosophy.
Cheaper, and better for him.

I am honestly just loving being a mom.
I love this little man more than I ever thought possible.
It's so fun being in "boy land", as I was raised in an all girl home.
I love finding adorable clothes and toys and all that comes with having a baby boy.
I am so so blessed.
 Isn't that outfit adorable?! H&M!

Products I'd Recommend:
Wubbanub- Can't say enough good things about it! He LOVES his!
Playtex Straw Sippy cups- It's the only one he will use!
The First Years Reclining High Chair- We use it all the time! Not just for eating!

And for one last "awwwwww"
Look at my little man at 1 day old vs. 6 months.
Time slow down!!!

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