Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Writing Letters

My generation (as a whole) kind of missed the whole 'letter writing' thing.
By the time I was sixteen most teenagers had Instant Messenger (I'm dating myself here...), Xangas, and cell phones.
Nowdays between Facebook, blogs and texting, written communication is pretty much limited to paying bills and the occasional Thank You card.

But I'm hoping to change that.
For myself at least.
May convert a few of you.

I made it one of my personal goals (101 in 1001) to write notes to people weekly.
I know that receiving a handwritten note means much more than a text or Facebook message (though these are encouraging as well!)
But it shows I was worth the money it took to buy that note and the time it took to hand write out that heartfelt message.

I want to use that to bless others around me.

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to write my sweetie a note, so I purchased these recycled blank note cards at Target for a mere $3.99.

I've stationed them on our desk in a handy spot so that weekly I will be inclined to sit down and write a little note of encouragement to someone that needs it.

Plus they are a pretty darn cute desk accessory!

So you write hand written notes?
If so, how often?

If you don't, would you join my challenge in writing notes of encouragement to people around you!

I know both you and they will be blessed by it!


  1. I actually am one of the few people my age who loves handwritten notes. I make it a point to give handwritten thank you, thinking of you, and completely random cards at least twice a month. It's good to see someone else doing the same thing!

  2. I love writing notes and I think it's important as well... that's a great goal!

    Since we were dating my hubby and I have made handwritten love letters a regular in our relationship and I love that. I love that I have an entire box of hand written notes from my dreamy husband and that every birthday, holiday, special day that comes along he writes me another. Sometimes it's extra romantic, sometimes it's quite intentional. This past Valentine's was a little crazy and we literally both came home from work and went to separate parts of the house to write out our letters. At first I had this sarcastic thought of, "wow, aren't we romantic." But then I decided, yes, we are. Because we could have thrown in the towel and said, "Okay, it's just not going to happen this time -- what's the point." But instead we intentionally sat down, focusing our hearts and minds on each other, why we love one another and the blessing we are in each others' lives.

    Hand written letters and notes are truly a beautiful art form that is being lost. I'm all about keeping it alive. =)

  3. I hand wrote every one of my wedding thank you notes within a month of my wedding. I also do my best to write thank you notes shortly after Christmas and birthdays.
    I have one friend who we actually keep up a correspondence through the mail. She has the most lovely handwriting, so I feel very blessed that she takes the time to use it on me!
    Jennifer B.

  4. I am so encouraged to see several young women who regularly write to encourage others! That is wonderful! Keep it up ladies!


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