Thursday, January 30, 2014

adding a second bathroom


This post is long overdue.
Better late than never, right?

Last summer Mr. Free added a second bathroom to our home.
And it's been about as life-changing as a bathroom can be.

Let's back up.

When we bought our home, it had 900 sq feet upstairs and an unfinished basement that was the same size.

We saved and saved and finally were able to finish half of it to make a generous family room.
Mr. Free did all the work himself, and right before Levi was born it was complete.

This is the most used room in our house. It is spacious and cozy and we love it.
Then, as Mr. Levi grew and gained more toys and fun things, we decided to convert our unfinished storage space into a make-shift playroom for him.

I love that the space is right off the family room. Levi can play and play and we can simple close the door afterwards if its not in perfect condition.

The only thing missing downstairs?
A bathroom.

So after more saving, Mr. Free got to work.

We first had to move our washer and dryer and then add in plumbing for a sink, toilet and shower.
We are fortunate to have friends in the construction business who were able to help with insight on layout and installing the plumbing.
So it was a mess to move the washer/dryer, hot water heater and adding the plumbing.

But soon it was framed out and drywall was going up.
We had decided to make a little closet for the utilities, a toilet alcove, corner shower and sink.


My favorite part (of course) is picking out fixtures and finishings.
We had decided to keep with oil rubbed bronze fixtures, gray paint, white trim and espresso cabinetry.
Simple and modern.

So with the magic of internet, our bathroom quickly took shape.

We spent roughly $2500 start to finish and can say its been well worth it. We know it has also added value to our home.

Here's a breakdown:
Vanity- Lowes
Toilet- Lowes
Fixtures- Lowes
Shower base- Lowes
Tile- already had
Ceiling tiles- Lowes
Corner shower curtain rod-
Shower curtain- Target
Mirror- Homegoods
Light fixtures- Lowes
Rug- Homegoods

My favorite part? 
The shower curtain system.

We wracked our brains to figure this out.
To make a glass enclosure would be $$$.
We looked at corner rods but they were pricey too and had something we wouldn't like about it.

Finally it hit me! What about a hospital track? And thats what we did. It turned out perfect and was a fraction of the price.

I am so thankful Mr. Free is handy and that we could afford to add such a great assett to our little home!

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