Friday, January 18, 2013

Gift for the Cloth Diapering Mama {DIY Cloth Wipes & Detergent}

With so many people around us venturing into cloth diapering, I thought this post was fitting.
A sweet couple in our church is expecting a little girl in March, so I decided to get together some useful cloth diapering items.
And, of course, DIYed them.

When we began cloth diapering, I didn't really know anyone in real life who cloth diapered, and I would have loved lots of diapering items as gifts!

So, for this shower I decided to make some cloth wipes and cloth diaper detergent.

I've made wipes before, and I love them.
They are so soft, and better than any cloth wipes I've bought at the store.
And they are perfect for runny noses and messy faces.

And, being for a little girl, I had so much fun picking girly flannels.

So, here is how to DIY them yourself!

First, pick out your flannels. They can all be the same fabric or you can be a variety. 
I went for a variety, but that's because I have lots of fabrics around.
Fold your fabric in half, and cut an 8.5 inch square.
(I fold it in half, so I cut both sides of wipe at once!)

Then, take both pieces and put them right side facing in.
Stitch all around, except leave about 3-4 inches open, so you can turn it right side out.

Clip your corners, so you'll have nice pointy corners.

Fold right side out, and pin or tuck in opening to top stitch closed.

Top stitch all around!

The detergent is super easy too.

Just take a pretty mason jar, and fill half way with Baby Oxy Clean and half Borax.
Mix up.
Put a pretty label on it and write that it is just 1 tbsp. per load.
A great gift for a Mama-to-Be, a new Mama or yourself!
I love these for my little man!

And, if you're not wanting to go the DIY route, you can always but some adorable and modern cloth wipes from my Etsy shop. : )


  1. Love it! These would be such a wonderful gift for every mama - even those of us that use 'sposies.

  2. I totally agree! Levi has had a cold and he definitely prefers these soft wipes for his nose than Kleenex or wet wipes.


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