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Levi's Birth Story

Levi Patton Freeborn
February 8, 2012
7 lbs. 10 oz.
20 inches long

The long story:
An induction had been decided due to my blood sugars hitting major resistance since 34 weeks. The plan was to do an amnio at 37 weeks and if lungs were mature, induce. If not ready, wait and week then induce.
We did amnio (NEVER AGAIN!) and sure enough, not ready.
So the doctor scheduled the induction for February 8 at 6 a.m. at 38 weeks 1 day.
Had weekly appointment that week at 37 weeks 6 days and hadn't made any more progress (1 cm, 70% effaced) so OB decided for us to come in the next night for Cervidil before beginning pitocin next morning)
So, on the 7th I went to work like normal (which was strange), had the car packed and after work headed to the hospital!
We checked in at 6 p.m. on February 7th and got the Cervidil placed in at 6:45 after blood work, the IV put in and to be checked (again no more progress).
At around 7:30 my mom and sister visit and we hang out for about 15 minutes, and then I puke. Pretty sure it was from nerves.
Right after the barf fest, our best friends the Clarks come and visit. Nathan carefully monitors my contractions and gives his expert opinions : )
At this time I get really crampy and ask for some Tylenol.
At 8:30 I get the Tylenol and around 9 our guests leave so we can rest.
At 9:30 I get a sleeping pill to rest up for the big day.
Though the sleeping pill helped, I think nerves kept me awake.
And then I got even more crampy and rhythmic contractions.
At midnight I can no longer sleep through them so I was given some morphine to help me rest.
This did help me sleep, but baby didn't care much for it.
Nurses came in and had me switch positions to sleep in and baby was fine.
At 5 a.m. we are awake and the Cervidil is removed.
I feel woozy and throw up (once again) and hop in the shower.
At 5:45 I was allowed to eat a light breakfast (since Im of the few perks!)
and given nausea meds.
Again, at 6:00 am, I puke.
After that, the OB comes in and begins pitocin with the antibiotic since I'm Group B Strep positive.
I'm still feeling woozy.
At 6:30 the OB breaks my water (not very comfy...)
Around 7 I heard Anesthesia at the door, so I go ahead and ask for my epidural while they are there.
At 8 oclock I begin eating Popsicles and ice chips, getting very thirsty.
Not feeling any pain at this point, but still woozy and now itchy.
I'm able to sleep for 2 hours.
At 10:30 I am checked and now at a 3. Making some progress
At noon, still a 3. I start to get major pain and pressure down there, so they give me a bolus of pain meds.
At 1 I'm feeling nausea again so given more Zofran.
At 1:30 I am now between 3 and 4 cm, baby very low.
At 2:20 I am in lots of pain "down there" and ask for more pain meds, which they gave me another bolus.
At 3:30 I'm checked again and still no progress. The nurses start to talk about possible C-Section. They are concerned about baby's size.
My contractions had been inconsistent the entire time. They are thinking body just isn't cooperating.
At 4:45 the pitocin is upped to its max in hopes of pushing me beyond a 4.
At 5:30 I have this huge amount of pressure, like I need to take the biggest poop ever. Nurse is encouraged that I may have made some progress.
Nope...still a 3-4.
At 5:45, the pressure is unbearable. I asked for more meds and they gave me a morhpine boost.
At 6:15, I talk to nurses and OB about C-Section. They said that I've had the most Pitocin I can and still can't get past the 3-4 cm range, after 12 hours of Pitocin.
I have had irregular contractions the entire time.
The OB (who is VERY anti- c section) starts to think its going to happen at some point.
That if I'd like to continue laboring into the next day, I can and see what happens.
I am so miserable, I was telling Brian "never again, this is our only child".
We decide to give it another half hour and if I've made even a little progress, decide to keep laboring.
If no, progress, go ahead and proceed with C-Section.
At 6:45, get checked.
No progress.
OB declares it "Failure to Progress"
C-section here we come!
At 7 the anesthesiologists come in and prep me for spinal.
By 7:15 I am wheeled back to O.R.
Because of the pain meds and morphine boosts I'd had, I am having a very hard time staying awake.
They do the "poke test" on me to see if I'm numb and I can feel everything. Luckily they upped the meds and I'm fully numb.
Brian is suited up and comes into be with me.
Through out the procedure I am falling asleep and trying to wake back up....not wanting to miss the good stuff!
I feel LOTs of pulling and tugging. Very strange feeling.
He had gotten pretty low in the canal so they were having to yank him back out.
A heart monitor had been on him the whole time and I just kept listening to the heart beat for reassurance that our baby was OK.
Suddenly I don't hear the heart beat and start to worry. I ask Brian if Baby is Ok. He responded, " Can't you hear the baby crying?!"
At 7:35 p.m. the OB holds him up and proclaims, "It's a boy!!!"
Everyone is so excited!
Right then I fall asleep.
I saw a glimpse of him and was out.
Brian asks, " Did you hear that? It's a boy!"
And I responded "Yup."
(Have it on video...pretty funny)
After that I was out.
I remember feeling them stitch me up a bit and saying "Ouch. That hurts. Ouch" But then I'd fall back asleep.

When I wake up I'm in recovery and they are hooking me up with a morphine booster pack.
My incision is really burny and stingy at that point.
I look over and Brian is giving Levi his first bath and dressing him.
They said he weighed 7 lb 10 oz. (we were shocked! Everyone thought at LEAST 9 pounds!) and 20 inches long.
He got an 8 then 9 on his apgars and his first blood sugar was 71!
He was a healthy baby boy!
This whole time we have our family and friends filling the waiting room and I realize Brian hadn't gone to tell them the baby's sex yet!
(I asked that we tell the name when they come see him, so I can be there!)
Brian goes out and tells everyone it is a healthy baby boy and everyone is so excited!
We then get wheeled to our Mom and Baby room.
I am still so out of it, that the nurses asked to give him a bottle to ensure his blood sugar stays up as they are concerned of it crashing. I consented that he get formula until the next morning when I am more with it and can try nursing.
We first bring the grandparents in and Brian has a birthday cake he decorated

(We ordered a blank chocolate balloon cake from Costco and bought pink and blue icing to decorate appropriately!)
This is how we told people our new little man's name.

Levi Patton Freeborn
Levi- Brian suggested this name years ago when we first started "trying". We both loved it.
Patton- My maiden name. In honor of my Dad who passed away when I was 6.
After the grandparents we had everyone else fill the room.
Everyone took turns loving on Levi and sharing our extreme joy.
I couldn't believe he was here!
He was healthy!
He was adorable!
I am SO exhausted I fall asleep around 11 with a room full of guests. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.
We stayed in the hospital for 3 more days and had constant visitors.
It was SUCH a blessing to see just how many people love Levi already!
We came home yesterday and have been adjusting to being new parents.
Brian is SUCH an amazing father.
It makes my love for him grow to a whole new level.

Thank you everyone who has prayed for us and with us during a journey to parenthood. It had its ups and downs but the end result is amazing. We are so blessed God chose us to be Levi's parents!
He is such a good and adorable baby!
We love him SO much!!!

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