Tuesday, September 27, 2011

19 weeks

How far along? 19 weeks

Maternity clothes? All maternity. Ive definitely "popped".

Sleep? I'm sleeping through the night, and doing a hybrid, tummy-side sleep. It keeps me off my belly and helps my hips from being sore.

Best moment this week? Our anatomy scan and seeing Baby Free!
They measured right on track, brain, heart and spine looked great. Amniotic fluid was normal. Cord and placenta looked good. Baby was head down.
Their kidneys were both enlarged though. "Normal" is around 3-4 mm and both were measuring around 5. The perinatologist said he sees it often and is nothing to worry about but they will monitor it. I of course was a mess, thinking of something being wrong. It can also be a "soft marker" for downs syndrome, but our blood work was great and no other soft markers were presented. The chance of our baby having downs is still very very low.
From what I understand, most cases of enlarged kidneys clear up either in utero or within the first year. The baby will be monitored closely. Worst case scenario is surgery after birth to correct the problem.
The peri also mentioned he didn't see any blockages, which was good, and that progesterone can lead to kidney swelling. He said that pregnant women's kidneys are actually enlarged during pregnancy.
We know that God is perfectly knitting together this child and just pray that their kidneys are healed.
I'm praying for peace about the situation. My first instinct is to worry, worry, worry! Which isn't good for anyone!
But, I do feel great knowing all of Baby Free's vitals were great!
After the scan we went out to dinner and started our registry at Buy Buy Baby! So much fun!

Food cravings:Mexican.

Gender: Team Green!

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? Yes!!! On Sunday Mr. Free and I felt our first "outside" movement. It was awesome! The last 2 days I have felt this baby move like crazy! The tech mentioned again how much this baby moves! We've been told this a few times now...life should be interesting come February!

What I miss? Nothing : )

What I'm looking forward to: Preparing for this baby! Now that we see that they *should* be arriving this February, I cant wait to finish our registry and get our home ready for baby!

Milestones: Our anatomy scan!
First outside movement!

We appreciate your prayers that Baby Free's kidneys will correct themselves and won't require any intervention. We also appreciate prayer for peace as we just "wait and see" what is in store for our precious little one.

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