Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA.
I've learned a lot about myself this summer.

Without a schedule, I am not productive at.all.

During the school year, I dream of days without responsibilities so I can work on the many homemaking projects I desire to do.

Then summer comes, and its a successful day if I shower and change out of my PJs!

We only have a week and a half of summer break left. Sniff sniff.

So what have Mr. Free and I done?
We..... went to the Lake for our 4th anniversary! (Where we ate one of the best meals of our lives in Laurie...JJ's at the Copper Pot. I HIGHLY recommend it!)

We... went to St. Louis to celebrate our nieces 1st birthdays!

We... raided the new KC Trader Joe's! They are awesome and MUCH bigger then the St. Louis location! Woohoo!

We....spent time with our good friends from England who stayed with us and then went on a road trip down to Arkansas.

We also spent lots of time in the pool, lake and watched a lot of House Hunters.

So maybe with getting back into the swing of the school year, I'll have more to blog about.

Thank for those who haven't given up on me! : )